Forge3, Ltd.

Jeff Teschke
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Forge3 offers the insurance industry's leading website and digital marketing platform, powered by Active Agency. This powerful, cost-effective platform enables independent insurance agencies around the world to educate, sell, and service clients in today's always-connected world. Forge3 launched at Ben Franklin TechVentures, participated in a Ben Franklin Tiger Session, and moved on to great success.


Mussel Polymers, Inc.

George Boyajian
Chief Executive Officer

David Schmidt
Chief Financial Officer

Mussel Polymers is commercializing safe, effective adhesives and systems that enable underwater and wet bonding with breakthrough products under development in the marine and dental industries. The technology mimics the chemistry used by mussels to attach to marine substrates. Merging this natural adhesion with industrial techniques creates strong “biomimetic” adhesives that are effective in wet and dry conditions and non-toxic, while being cost competitive. ; 

Orbweaver Sourcing, LLC

Chris Ciesielka
Chief Executive Officer 

Orbweaver provides real-time supply chain integration solutions for the electronics manufacturing industry, as well as business workflow automation and data analytics solutions. Orbweaver’s suite of products and services empowers distributors, manufacturers, and contract manufacturers to instantly and securely transfer and use critical supply chain data, resulting in dramatic increases in efficiency, reductions in cost, and improvements in customer service.

studio BE Mindfulness, LLC

Jennifer Ciarimboli

Studio BE leverages a web interface to utilize scientifically-proven mindfulness techniques to empower employees to increase productivity, reduce stress, improve interpersonal communication, and strengthen resilience. The company aims to be its corporate clients’ private and secure end-to-end employee well-being platform, integrating studio BE content with each client’s current wellness programming. studio BE also serves consumers with its proprietary solutions.